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Hwal-eo hoe (thinly sliced raw fish)

You can taste fillets of fresh fish caught in Samcheok Port, Imwo Port, Jangho Port, and other ports on the clean east coast. You can also enjoy all the different flavors because different fish and marine species are caught depending on the season.

Samcheok Snow Crab

Samcheok Snow Crab is also called "daegae" because its legs look like bamboo trees. It burrows into the sand or mud in cold and deep waters. Samcheok Snow Crabs are famous for their great taste and quality are available at the Imwon fishermen's market or through the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives. *Fishing period (from December to May the following year) /p>

Moray Soup

Fishing boats scoop up large volumes of moray, also called "water catfish" elsewhere, in the East Sea. Moray soup served with fermented kimchi is spicy and melts in your mouth. Its recipe originated in Samcheok. /p>

Haemuljjim (braised seafood)

it is served with various seafood such as cuttlefish, shrimp, hard clam, mussel, etc., caught in the clean sea off the coast of Samcheok. The fresh seafood and spicy sauce stimulate your taste buds./p>

Haemultang (spicy seafood stew)

It is served with various seafood including crab, octopus, shrimp, short-necked clam, etc., and seasoned with hot pepper paste, tasting refreshing and spicy. You can enjoy the taste of fresh various seafood./p>

Dolsot-yeong-yang-gulbap (stone pot rice topped with oysters)

This dish of steamed rice topped with oysters is simple and easy to prepare and nutritious. Oyster is rich in taurine, zinc, vitamins, calcium, etc., and is easy to digest; it also prevents adult diseases./p>

Gasiogapi (Siberian Ginseng) knife-chopped noodles

Knife-cut wheat flour noodles are served in a large bowl with gasiogapi, the special product of Samcheok. Knife-chopped noodles garnished with vegetables such as potatoes, pumpkin, etc., bring out the distinctive taste and fine smell of gasiogapi./p>