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Spring Day's Going Away(2001)
Spring Days Going Away Photo
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starring Lee Yeon-ae (Eun-soo) and Yoo Ji-tae (Sang-woo)

Sinheung Temple (in Dongmak-ri, Geundeok-myeon)

This Temple was established and named "Jiheung Temple" by National Master Beomil in the 3rd year of the reign of Queen Jin Seong (889) of the Unified Silla Period. Later, it was reconstructed several times and renamed "Sinheung Temple in the 21st year (1821) of the reign of King Sunjo of Joseon Dynasty.
Today, Seolseondang Shrine and Simgeomdang Shrine are used as dormitory. Seolseondang Shrine, built in the 15th year (1674) of the reign of King Hyeonjong of Joseon Dynasty, is a wooden structure in the shape of "ㄴ." Singeomdang Shrine, built in the 47th year (1771) of the reign of Yeongjo of Joseon Dynasty, is a traditional old house with hipped-and-gable roof in the shape of "ㅁ."
Sinheung Temple is the mountain temple visited by Sang-woo and Eun-soo to capture the sound of scenery. The romantic ambience might be beyond description, shared by both persons while capturing the sound of the scenery one snowy night.
Imagine you are in a scene from the movie, looking around the temple that has a long history with your sweetheart or family.
Moreover, a pine tree growing through a grape myrtle (mok-baek-il-hong) in Sinheung Temple attracts many visitors with its unique shape.

Bamboo Grove (in Dongmak-ri, Geundeok-myeon)

This is the very place Sang-woo and Eun-soo visited to capture the sound of winds blowing from the bamboo woods. It is located approximately 1km toward the direction of Samcheok from Sinheung Temple.
In the movie, Mrs. Gang Hwa-soon, an old lady, has a small chit-chat with Eun-soo against the backdrop of this bamboo grove. It is not a very large bamboo grove, but it blends well with a house facing the south.
The bamboos seemed to be reaching for the sky, and the sun shines down on them in beautiful harmony with the sound of bamboos.

Maenbang Beach (in Maenbang-ri, Geundeok-myeon)

Maengbang Beach is the place where Sangwoo (Yoo Ji-tae) and Eun-soo (Lee Yeong-ae) recorded the sound of the rough sea. This clean and untainted beach is located approximately 7km away from Samcheok City and is also called "Maengbang Myeong-sa-sip-ri."
Various summer events are held here, including "catching trout with bare hands," etc. The beach has shallow water and a stretch of clean sand blending well with the pine trees in the surrounding area, and it is popular among tourists. In addition, the beach has Maengbang golf course, Pine Valley C.C. freshwater fish exhibition hall, Chodang fishing spot, etc., offering quite a spectacle and a variety of amusements.


  • Spring Day's Going Away Filming Locations Photo
  • Spring Day's Going Away Filming Locations Photo
  • Spring Day's Going Away Filming Locations Photo