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April Snow (2005)
April Snow Photo
Most scenes of "April Snow," a box office hit in 2005, were filmed near Jookseoru pavilion in Samcheok, Samcheok Hospital, motels, pharmacy, flower house, cafes, snack stalls in Samcheok, Expo Town, Saecheonnyeon Coastal Road, Samcheok Beach, etc. The shooting locations of the movie "April Snow" have attracted many domestic and overseas tourists...
Spring Day's Going Away (2001)
Spring Day's Going Away Photo
- Sinheung Temple (in Dongmak-ri, Geundeok-myeon) This Temple was established and named "Jiheung Temple" by National Master Beomil in the 3rd year of the reign of Queen Jin Seong (889) of the Unified Silla Period. Later, it was reconstructed several times and renamed "Sinheung Temple in the 21st year (1821) of the reign of King Sunjo of Joseon Dynasty. Today, Seolseondang Shrine and Simgeomdang...
I love you (2011)
I love you Photo
In the movie "I love you," Song Iee-bun (Yoon So-jeong) has a private house in Surarijae, Yeongwol. Note, however, that the scene was filmed in a private house in Gusa-ri, Dogye-eup. This place attracts many tourists who want to visit the place where Kim Man-seok (Lee Soon-jae) gave a loving hug to Song Iee-bun, drawing tears from audiences.
South of the Sun (2003)
South of the Sun Photo
- Samcheok Beach Station (Samcheok Beach) Samcheok Beach Station is nestled next to the Samcheok Beach Station. A small and picturesque seafront station, this station is the last stop of the "Fantastic Coastline Traveling Train" line that runs between this place and Cheongryangri Station, Seoul, 2 ~ 3 times a week. Breathtaking scenic beauty awaits the passengers getting off the train...