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Cheongok Mountain
Cheongok Mountain Photo
Jungbong-ri, Hajang-myeon
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At 1,404m above sea level, Cheongok Mountain is situated in an area bordering Hajang-myeong of Samcheok City and Samhwa-dong of Donghae City. It is located in the middle of Gojeokdae (1,354m) to the northwest and Duta Mountain (1,353m) to the southeast. The water in the valley passes through Mureung Valley, one of the nation's most famous tourist spots, toward Jeoncheon Stream; the mountain stream flows to the west into Goljicheon Stream.
Although all four sides are steep, the western side has a relatively gentle slope. There is a road connecting Samhwa-dong and Hajang-myeon through Yeon-chil-seong-ryeong at the foot of the mountain to the north. Cheongok Mountain, whose name means "sapphire," is famous as a jewel-like mountain.

Duration of tour

Jungbong Course (8.2km /5 hours and 20 minutes)


  • Cheongok Mountain Photo
  • Cheongok Mountain Photo
  • Cheongok Mountain Photo