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Daegeum Cave
Daegeum Cave Photo
The monorail takes visitors to the entrance (140m) to the Daegeum Cave (470m). The fried egg stalagmites, helictite, cave pearl, waterfall, lake, cave creations, etc., inside the cave are a source of wonder to all who see them. The Ecology Park, fir forest, etc., blend well with the breathtaking view of Deokyang Mountain, serving as another attraction.
Hwanseon Cave
Hwanseon Cave Photo
You can reach the entrance to the gigantic and cool Hwanseon Cave after passing by the ticket office, a water mill, an oak bark house, a shingle-roofed house, Sinseon (Taoist hermit with miraculous powers) Bridge, and Seonnae Waterfall (Moss Waterfall) and climbing 398 stairs. About 448 species of plants grow naturally in and around the cave. From the entrance, a spectacular view is unveiled. The area over...
Gangwon Museum
Gangwon Museum Photo
The first floor of the museum is dedicated to natural history, whereas the second floor displays celadon porcelain. The third floor of the museum exhibits metal handicrafts, and the main hall showcases folk artifacts from all over the world. Gangwon Museum has a collection of approximately 20,000 relics and artifacts and boasts of an outdoor exhibition site with stone artworks, dinosaurs' models, caves, waterfalls, pavilion, etc.
Cheoneun Temple
Cheoneun Temple Photo
Cheoneun Temple was built in the 4th year of the reign of Silla King Heung Deok (829). The adjacent area was designated as the historical site of Lee Seung-hyu who authored the great Korean epic "Jaewangungi" at this temple. The area around Cheoneun Temple is densely packed with trees, creating outstanding natural scenery.
Jungyeongmyo Tomb
Jungyeongmyo Photo
Jungyeongmyo Tomb is a historical burial place for General Yang-mu, King Taejo's great-great-great grandfather, according to the legend of Baek-woo-geum-gwan
Duta Mountain
Duta Mountain Photo
At 1,353m above sea level, Duta Mountain is located in an area bordering Miro-myeon and Hajang-myeon of Samcheok City and Mureung Valley of Donghae City and is connected to Cheongok Mountain and Shinum Mountain in the surrounding area. Duta Mountain is a place with strong winds and is nicknamed "Mountain of Wind." Duta, the name of the Mountain...
Cheongok Mountain
Cheongok Mountain Photo
At 1,404m above sea level, Cheongok Mountain is situated in an area bordering Hajang-myeong of Samcheok City and Samhwa-dong of Donghae City. It is located in the middle of Gojeokdae (1,354m) to the northwest and Duta Mountain (1,353m) to the southeast. The water in the valley passes through Mureung Valley, one of the nation's most famous tourist spots, toward Jeoncheon Stream; the mountain stream flows to the west into Goljicheon Stream.
Deokhang Mountain
Deokhang Mountain Photo
Deokhang Mountain houses Hwanseon Cave, and its surrounding area was designated as Daei Cave Zone, Natural Monument No. 179. Deokhang Mountain is located in County Park in Daei-ri, Singi-myeon, featuring Hwanseon Cave and Dageum Cave, the nation's largest caves called "Underground Geumgang Mountain" on its hillside. With each peak having a particularly distinctive shape, Deokhang Mountain has a graceful form resembling a woman and gives you a cozy feeling the moment you enter it.