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Expo Town
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168 - 3 Seongnam-dong, Samcheok City
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Expo Town Management Office
Tel : 033-574-6828
Fax 033-570-3189


Mystery Cave Hall, Cave Expedition Hall, Photovoltaic Promotion Hall

Mystery Cave Hall

It is one of the most prominent facilities at the main event site of Samcheok World Cave Expo 2002.
The 1st and 2nd floors of the Cave Mystery Hall feature world-famous caves, caves in movies, cave culture, dioramas shedding light on the past and present history of caves, dioramas about the destruction and preservation of caves, reincarnation bridge, academic materials, ecology of bats, photographing corner, observatory, and dioramas about the life of bats. You can also experience the fantastic world of caves unfolding on a large I-Max screen in the theme movie theater on the 3rd and 4th floors.
Size: 4 stories above ground, steel structure built on 553-pyong land (permanent exhibition hall)
- Exhibition hall: 288 pyong / I - MAX cinema: 109 pyong / others: 156 pyong
Concept: Secret of the deepest cave
Theme: A mysterious world created by water over time

Cave Expedition Hall

Located inside Expo Town, it exhibits cave expedition equipment and plays video footage related to the cave expedition, providing various information on caves. In particular, it offers visitors an opportunity to experience the expedition of the world's 7 major caves.

Details of Exhibit

Details of Exhibit
Exhibition Corner Concept Description
Introduction Cave of Mystery Reproduction of the interior of Domika Cave of Solvakia
Pre-Show Preparation for Cave Expedition Exhibit of cave expedition equipment, hands-on experience with
cave expedition, video footage of cave expedition
Main Show Cave Expedition Experience World's 7 major caves and cave expedition experience - lava,
sand stone, limestone, salt, marine cave, ice, limestone cave
* Special lights + sound effect + comment to create special characteristics of each cave
Post-Show Farewell Section Cave paintings / culture (Lasco, Alta Mira, Chauvet) * beautiful cave creations, 3D

Photovoltaic Promotion Hall

The Photovoltaic Promotion Hall showcases eco-friendly and clean photovoltaic power-generating systems and its practical applications. More importantly, it provides a unique platform for children and adolescents to build basic knowledge of the types and details of renewable energies such as wind power, etc., and recognize the importance of energy conservation.
- Admission fee: Free
- Opening hours: Open all-year round (09:00 ~ 18:00)


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