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Municipal Museum
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167-8 Seongnam-dong
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Situated in Seongnam-dong, Samcheok City, Samcheok Municipal Museum was built with funds of KRW 8.2 billion and opened on March 29, 2000. It permanently exhibits about 350 relics among the Museum's collection of approximately 5,000 items as a history & folk museum equipped with various facilities including rubbed copy experience room, archive, theme showroom, etc. The museum is the core institute dedicated to the promotion of environmental protection and development of tourism resources based on local folk culture through the planned exhibition, collection, preservation of relics and artifacts, research/study, publication of academic materials, social education, and preservation of tradition of local official culture through cultural exchange both at home and abroad. The Museum serves as a platform for providing information on culture & tourist attractions, promoting cultural and tourism commodities, and providing education on history and culture, thereby fulfilling the desire of people nationwide for learning, leisure, and cultural experience as well as the citizens of Samcheok City.

1) [Showroom 1] Prehistory/History Room
It presents the history of Samcheok, cultural relics sites, and earthenware from the Period of the Three States as excavated in the Samcheok region. It also exhibits ancient books and documents related to public administration in the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties.

2) [Showroom 2] Folk Culture and Art/Entertainment
It gives visitors a glimpse of the seasonal customs and various folk entertainments by means of models and video footage and displays the Western paintings of artists from Samcheok.
- Major artifacts: Western paintings, arrow shaft erection model, Haesindang model, etc.

3) [Showroom 3] Occupation and Life
It exhibits relics and artifacts related to the natural environment, clothing, eating, and housing life of Samcheok. In particular, it features a life-size cross sectional model of shingled houses and household items of slash-and-burn farmers.
- Major artifacts: shingled house model, relics and artifacts related to clothing, eating, housing life, etc.

Opening hours

summer (from March to October): 09:00 to 18:00, winter (from November to February): 09:00 to 17:00]
Closed for every Monday

Admission fee


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Local transportation

Samcheok terminal - Get off the bus in Jukseoru (intra-bus no. 14, 14-1, 31,31-2, 2km/approximately 10-minute ride)
On foot: 15 minutes away from Samcheok terminal on foot


  • Municipal Museum Photo
  • Municipal Museum Photo
  • Municipal Museum Photo
  • Municipal Museum Photo
  • Municipal Museum Photo
  • Municipal Museum Photo
  • Municipal Museum Photo
  • Municipal Museum Photo
  • Municipal Museum Photo