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Jukseoru Photo
Governor Kim Hyo-son of Samcheok reconstructed the structure into its original form in the 3rd year of the reign of King Taejong (1403). Jukseoru, an old pavilion, is characterized by columns erected on foundation rocks. It is located on a cliff, overlooking strange rocks and bizarre stones and surrounded by forests as well as the clean water of Oshipcheon Stream.
Isabu Saja Park
Isabu Saja Park Photo
It is a family theme park built to pay tribute to the pioneering spirit of Silla General Isabu. At Isabu Saja Park, wooden carvings of lions honored with awards and prizes in national handicraft competitions are exhibited outdoors and can be viewed within a short distance from the magnificent East Sea. Turbby Sled Park, the year-round sled park, will make families, friends, and couples feel like children again.
Suro Park
Suro Park Photo
It was restored to its original condition based on the legend of Lady Suro in Samguk Yusa (Legends and History of The Three Kingdoms of Ancient Korea). The coastal scenery blending well with Chotdaebawi Rock (Candlestick Rock) is breathtakingly beautiful.
Municipal Museum
CityMuseum Photo
Situated in Seongnam-dong, Samcheok City, Samcheok Municipal Museum was built with funds of KRW 8.2 billion and opened on March 29, 2000. It permanently exhibits about 350 relics among the Museum's collection of approximately 5,000 items as a history & folk museum equipped with various facilities including rubbed copy experience room, archive, theme showroom, etc.
Expo Town
Expo Town Photo
It is one of the most prominent facilities at the main event site of Samcheok World Cave Expo 2002. The 1st and 2nd floors of the Cave Mystery Hall feature world-famous caves, caves in movies, cave culture, dioramas shedding light on the past and present history of caves, dioramas about the destruction and preservation of caves, reincarnation bridge, academic materials, ecology of bats, photographing corner, observatory, and dioramas about the life of bats.