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Hwanseon Cave
HwanseonCave Photo
189 Daei-ri, Singi-myeon, Samcheok City
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Daei Cave Management Office
18th of every month(If the 18th falls on a weekend or public holidays then we are closed on the following weekday)


Natural Monument No. 178 (designated on June 15, 1966)
Grand opening: October 15, 1997
Opened Area: 1.6km
Duration of tour: About 1 hour
Inside temperature: 10 ~ 15 celsius
Size: Entrance - 14m wide, 10m high
Inside - 20 ~ 100m wide, 20 ~ 30m high
Total length - 6.2km (section open to tourists: 1.6km)

You can reach the entrance to the gigantic and cool Hwanseon Cave after passing by the ticket office, a water mill, an oak bark house, a shingle-roofed house, Sinseon (Taoist hermit with miraculous powers) Bridge, and Seonnyeo Waterfall (Moss Waterfall) and climbing 398 stairs. About 448 species of plants grow naturally in and around the cave. From the entrance, a spectacular view is unveiled. The area over the artificial wall on the right side of Manmulsang provides the most ideal habitat for various types of animals, and many different species of creatures are found here. The cave houses magnificent stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars resembling beautiful women, turtle, pot, etc.
The cave tour course covers various limestone formations dubbed First Waterfall (Y-valley), Samramansang, Oryeon Waterfall, black and white flowstones, Dream Palace (Stalactite Hall for viewing stalactite formation process), Peak of Hope, Magic Club, Animal Farm, bald head-like stalagmites, Yeoungji Mushroom, White Turtle, Waterfall of Hope, 24 Gyetang, Oath of Love, Fountain of Life, Devil's Claws, Hell Bridge, 500 Buddha´s Disciples, Bridge of Repentance, Flowstone Valley, Valley of Heaven, Rest Area, Okjaodae, Square of National Reunification, Image of the Virgin Mary, Manmajigi, Baekdu Stalagmite, Second Waterfall, Valley of Galaxy, Chungsik Cheonjeong, Yongsikgu, Yongsikgong, White Flowstone, Hwanseon Buddhist Monk, the Great Wall, and entrance to the cave.
Prepare to be enchanted by the profound, mysterious, and fantastic world of nature when you see the gigantic underground valley (measuring 1.6km long and 20 ~ 30m high, occupying an area of 20 ~ 100 square meter).

Tour Information

Duration of tour
Walking: About 2 hours (from ticket office to entrance to the cave: 1 hour (round trip)/tour inside the cave: 1 hour)
Monorail: Approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes (from ticket office to entrance to the cave: 40 minutes (round trip)/ tour inside the cave: 1 hour)
Tour and monorail operating hours
Winter (from November to February): 08:30 ~ ticket closing at 16:00 (last admission at 16:30)
Summer (from March to October): 08:00 ~ ticket closing at 17:00 (last admission at 17:30)


  • Hwanseon Cave Photo
  • Hwanseon Cave Photo
  • Hwanseon Cave Photo
  • Hwanseon Cave Photo
  • Hwanseon Cave Photo
  • Hwanseon Cave Photo
  • Hwanseon Cave Photo
  • Hwanseon Cave Photo
  • Hwanseon Cave Photo