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Ocean Rail Bike
Ocean Rail Bike Photo
Ocean Rail Bike runs along a 5.4km-long double track, allowing visitors to enjoy pine tree forests, spectacular scenery of strange rocks and bizarre stones, and breathtaking scenic views of the East Sea. Experience a wonderful underwater world as you ride through the marine tunnel with the fantastic laser light show and luminaries unfolding before your eyes. With its beautiful design and environment-friendly features...
Daegeum Cave
Daegeum Cave Photo
Daegeum Cave was found to be as old as Hwanseonl and Gwaneuml Caves located nearby. It was previously inaccessible because the entrance was not exposed and was opened to the public only recently as a result of a year-long exploration project of Samcheok City. Daegeum Cave has a variety of limestone features such as speleothems and stalactite, the mineral deposit formed in caves. Since the cave remained untouched...
Hwanseon Cave
Hwanseon Cave Photo
You can reach the entrance to the gigantic and cool Hwanseon Cave after passing by the ticket office, a water mill, an oak bark house, a shingle-roofed house, Sinseon (Taoist hermit with miraculous powers) Bridge, and Seonnae Waterfall (Moss Waterfall) and climbing 398 stairs. About 448 species of plants grow naturally in and around the cave. From the entrance, a spectacular view is unveiled. The area over...
Haesindang Park
Haesindang Park Photo
As the only place that inherited Phallicism in the East Sea coastal region, Haesindang Park features the Fishing Village Folk Museum, hilarious phallic sculpture park, and others. Haesindang Park with its pine tree-lined promenade blending well with the blue Sinnam Sea offers visitors the ultimate relaxation; it has emerged as the best tourist attraction in the East Sea region.
Isabu Saja Park
Isabu Saja Park Photo
As a family theme park that pays tribute to the pioneering spirit of Silla General Isabu, it offers a spectacular view of the East Sea. Turbby Sled Park, the year-round sled park, makes families, friends, and couples feel like children again and plays old movies at night.
Saecheonnyeon Coastal Road
Saecheonnyeon Coastal Road Photo
Saecheonnyeon Coastal Park with its breathtaking scenery unfolding uninterrupted for approximately 4Km along the East Sea is one of the major tourist attractions of Samcheok City. It houses the Sculpture Park where people can relax and the Tower of Wishes where visitors can make New Year wishes.
Jukseoru Pavilion
Jukseoru Photo
Jukseoru is believed to have been established at least before 1266, according to Dongangeosajip which states that Lee Seung-hyu climbed the pavilion with Jin Ja-hoo, the steward, and composed a poem in the 7th year of the reign of King Won Jong (1266), although its founder and year of construction remain unknown.
Expo Town
ExpoTown Photo
It is one of the most prominent facilities at the main event site of Samcheok World Cave Expo 2002. The 1st and 2nd floors of the Cave Mystery Hall feature world-famous caves, caves in movies, cave culture, dioramas shedding light on the past and present history of caves, dioramas about the destruction and preservation of caves, reincarnation bridge, academic materials, ecology of bats, photographing corner, observatory, and dioramas about the life of bats....
Lady Suro Floral Tribute Park
Lady Suro Floral Tribute Park Photo
The theme of the Lady Suro Floral Tribute Park is derived from 'The Lady Suro story' in 'Samguk yusa - The Heritage of the Three States'. The natural 5 color marble was used for the first time in the world to make the grand figure of 'The Lady Suro' and 'The Sea Dragon'. An elevator will be installed from Imwon Port to the gate of the park.
High1 ChooChoo Park
High1 ChooChoo Park Photo
High1 ChooChoo Park is a train experience resort and along with the great nature that surrounds it, it holds the country’s first mountain railway and wonderful train programs for men and women of all ages to enjoy. A mini train on a zigzag, switchback railway, an incline railway, the country’s first high-speed rail coaster, exotic mini train and various exciting train programs will offer your children hopes and dreams and bring wonderful memories back to you.