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Cable TV

If you subscribe to cable television services, you will have access to over 50 channels including foreign satellite TV programs from the United States, Japan, China, and Europe.
Foreigners will need a Korean guarantor when subscribing to cable television services. The following are the contact details of local cable TV stations that provide this service:

  • CJ Hello Vision Yeongdong Broadcasting 070-8120-1000
  • 1289 Ponam 2-dong, Gangreung City, Gangwon Province

Satellite TV

  • The channels listed below are available via satellite:
    DW (Germany), TV5 (France), RAI (Italy), MCM (music), TVE (Spain), WTN (England), BBC, NBC, CNN, CNBC, and NHK
    Satellite broadcasting means TV and PCM programs that use BS (broadcasting satellite).
  • Satellite home viewers will have access to channels from all over the world, which are unavailable on Korean terrestrial television channels.
  • Subscription to services: You can subscribe to satellite television services by calling or sending an email to the customer center of the service provider. An English-speaking representative will then contact you to finalize your subscription process.
  • Charges: Monthly rates differ depending on satellite TV providers, products selected, and terms & conditions of the contract. You will have to pay for the receiver, antenna, and installation besides the monthly rates.

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