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High-speed Internet

High-speed Internet has rapidly spread in Korea, a country boasting of one of the world's highest broadband Internet usages around the globe. High-speed Internet access is available to home users, too. In Korea, there are three major providers of high-speed Internet services: KT Olleh, LG U+, and SK Broadband.
If you call the customer center or apply for Internet connection after signing up for membership online, an installation technician will visit you and complete the connection.
To use the Internet service, you need Internet service equipment. The initial cost is around KRW 30,000, and the monthly charges are about KRW 30,000. The service charges differ depending on the Internet service providers. The contract period is 1 ~ 3 years. Discount rates are determined based on the contract period. If you cancel the Internet service even before the contract term expires, you may have to return the discounted amount corresponding to the shortened period.

PC lounge

Most Korean families use the Internet every day. Since demand for wireless Internet is on the rise, PC lounges fully equipped with personal computers are easily accessible in nearly all cities and villages across the country.
These PC lounges offer basic Internet access and computer software services. The charges range somewhere between KRW 1,000 and 1,500 per hour. Sometimes, discounts are offered in the evening hours.