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Symbols of Samcheok

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Symbol Mark

Symbol Mark photo
  • symbol topon the upper area symbolizes the rising sun and embodies the vigor and spirit of Samcheok City making the transition to a prosperous future.
  • The dynamic lines,symbol bottom , on the lower side are based on the number 3 (߲), a number representing stability and symbolizing nature overflowing with boundless energy emitted from Baekdu-daegan, Korea's energy-spine mountain mainline.

City Brand

City Brand photo
  • WONDERFUL, a combination of the word "Wonderful" and "Full," means Samcheok City is filled with wonder.
  • WONDERFUL represents the vision of Samcheok City, a future-oriented hi-tech city with untainted natural beauty and advanced welfare system, filling enterprises, tourists, and citizens with awe.

Mascot - Samcheokdongja (Samcheok Child)

Mascot photo
  • This promotional mascot was designed to make all citizens feel a deep sense of intimacy with Samcheok City.
  • Samcheokdongja is a combination of "Samcheok" and "Dongja (cute and young boy), symbolizing the sons and daughters of Samcheok, a prosperous city.

City Flower: Royal azalea

Royal azalea photo
  • Royal azalea native to Korea represents the long history and tradition of Samcheok City.
  • Spread throughout the city, it represents the growth and harmony of citizens.
  • Its five floral leaves symbolize Samcheock's diverse population in the city, farm villages, fishing villages, mining industry, and manufacturing industry.

City Bird: Seagull

Seagull photo
  • It represents the indomitable spirit of citizens who never flinch in the face of adversity, like a Phoenix, a guardian of the coast.
  • Seagulls spreading their wings and flying in flock represent the vitality of Samcheok City gliding into growth, harmony of citizens, and loyalty.

City Tree: Zelkova

Zelkova photo
  • Spread throughout the city, It is a guardian of the city, bringing welfare and prosperity to residents.
  • Two zelkovas were registered as important cultural property in Samcheok City.