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Period Year History of Samcheok City
Ancient Times Named Siljikguk or Siljikgokguk (Mahan Territory)
Period of the Three States (Before Century)18C ~ 668 102 Annexed to Silla (in the 23rd year of the reign of King Pasa)
468 Annexed to Goguryeo (in the 56th year of the reign of King Jangsoo)
505 Renamed Siljikju (Isabu, in the 6th year of the reign of King Jijeung of Silla Dynasty)
658 Renamed Bukjin (in the 5th year of the reign of King Muyeul of Silla Dynasty)
Unified Silla 668 ~ 935 757 Renamed Samcheok County (in the 16th year of the reign of King Gyeongdeok)
Goryeo918 ~ 1392 995 Renamed Cheokju (in the 14th year of the reign of King Seongjong)
1018 Renamed Samcheok Prefecture (in the 9th year of the reign of King Hyeonjong)
Joseon1392 ~ 1910 1393 Upgraded to Samcheok bu (in the 2nd year of the reign King Taejo)
1413 Renamed Samcheok Protectorate (in the 13th year of the reign of King Taejong)
1895 Name changed from Samcheok Protectorate to Samcheok County (in the 32nd year of the reign of King Gojong)
Japanese Colonial Period 1910 ~ 1945 1914 Bunae and Malgok-myeons among 12 myeons (sub-counties) were integrated into Bunae-myeon, and Dosang, Doha, and Gyeonbak-myeons were renamed Buksam-myeon.
1917 Bunae-myeon was upgraded to Samcheok-myeon.
1938 Samcheok-myeon was upgraded to Samcheok-eup. 
Republic of Korea1945 ~ 1945 Boksam-myeon was upgraded to Bukpyeong-eup.
1960 Sangjang-myeon was upgraded to Jangseong-eup.
1963 Sodal-myeon was upgraded to Dogye-eup.
1973 Hwangji branch district, Jangseong-eup, was upgraded to Hwangji-eup, thereby becoming the largest county nationwide with population of 300,000 people, 5 eups, and 5 myeons.
1980. 4. 1 Bukpyeong-eup was integrated into Donghae City in accordance with Law No. 3188.
1980.12. 1 Wondeok-myeon was upgraded to Wondeok-eup by Presidential Decree No. 10050.
1981. 7. 1 Jangseong-eup and Hwangji-eup were upgraded to Taebaek City in accordance with Law No. 3425.
1986. 1. 1 Samcheok-eup was upgraded to Samcheok City with 6 subdistricts (Namyang-dong, Wolgye-dong, Gyo-dong, Jeongra-dong, Sajik-dong, Dowon-dong) in accordance with Law No. 3798.
1986. 3. 27 Ojeo branch district, Wondeok-eup, was upgraded to Gagok-myeon by Presidential Decree No. 11874.
1989. 1. 1 Yonghwa-ri and Jangho-ri in Wondeok-eup were integrated into Geundeok-myeon by Presidential Decree No. 12007.
1989. 4. 1 The Singi branch district of Dogye-eup, 7 ri administrative units and Machari districts were upgraded to Singi-myeon in accordance with Samcheok County Ordinance No. 1371.
1992.10. 15 Wolgye-dong was renamed Dangjeo-dong.
1994.12 .26 5 ri administrative units of Hajang-myeon were integrated into Taebaek City.
1995. 1. 1 Samcheok City and Samcheok County were integrated into Samcheok City in accordance with Law No. 4774.
1998.10 .26 Sajik-dong and Dowon-dong were removed in accordance with Samcheok City Ordinance Nos. 270 and 271, and Dangjeo-dong was renamed to Seongnae-dong.