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Located in the southeasternmost region of Gangwon Province, Samcheok City as the hub of industry and tourism has emerged as a key growth center for industry, culture, education, tourism, etc.
It reaches out to the East Sea to the east and Donghae City to the north, Jeongseon-county and Taebaek City to the west, and Uljin-county of North Gyeongsang Province to the south.
Its eastern end is Wolchon-ri, Wondeok-eup (129°21’58” east longitude), and its western end is Gongjeon-ri, Hajang-myeon (128°57’01” east longitude); the two are located 45.75 km apart from each other.
Its southern end is Punggok-ri, Gagok-myeon (37°02’10” north latitude), and its northern end is Jeungsan-dong, Gyodong (37°28’26” north latitude); the two are spaced 48.60 km apart from each other.

Samcheok Location
Location of Samcheok City Hall Farthest ends Longitude and Latitude Distance between the farthest ends
Name of Region Coordinate
592 Gyo-dong, Samcheok City Eastern End Wolchon-ri, Wondeok-eup 129°21’58” east longitude Distance between the eastern and western extremities: 45.75km
Western End Gongjeon-ri, Hajang-myeon 128°57’01” east longitude
Southern End Punggok-ri, Gagok-myeon 37°02’10” north latitude Distance between the southern and northern extremities: 48.60km
Northern End Jeungsan-dong, Gyodong 37°28’26” north latitude

Area: Samcheok has total area of 1,185.8 km², and its total coastline measures 81.38 km². Out of its total area, fields occupy 56.6km², rice paddies, 16.5km², forests, 1047km², plains, 7.2km², roads, 15km², rivers, 27.2km², and others, 15.7km²

Location of Samcheok City Map

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